When you need high-end interior painting service and you believe perfect is the standard, call on our professional home interior painters for exceptional results.

We are precision contractors with a small professional team of highly-skilled experts specializing in superior custom paint finishes...

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We are experienced painters with a passion for delivering outstanding services to every residential or commercial project that we undertake.

Our team of professional painters specializes in custom high-end exterior home painting throughout the area, providing exceptional results for luxury homeowners who believe perfect is the standard!

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Millwork, Carpentry & Drywall

Millwork & trim is our specialty. Clients tell us they love that there are no brush strokes and one even commented that "it comes out like a car!" This finishing touch is one of the many things that separate us from other painters.

It's common for a job to also include some sort of carpentry or drywall work as you get into it. Our team handles it all and we can take care of it at the same time as the painting.

Painting Contractors that Believe Perfect is the Standard


We are commercial and residential painting contractors that approach each project believing perfect is the standard, that every stroke of the brush is important, and that even the finest details must be painstakingly regarded in producing a flawless finish for our clients.

Since 2000, we have been serving the area’s prominent and discerning clientele as experts in an exclusive, high-end market that expects perfection.

The keys to our success as one of the leading painting contractors specializing in interior and exterior luxury homes, and all types of high-end commercial institutions lie in:

  • Our small professional team of highly-skilled painters
  • A professional in-house color consultant to assist in finding the perfect colors
  • Use of only the finest premium products
  • Careful surface preparation
  • Conformance to highest industry standards
  • Meticulous attention to detail

Call Whitaker Painting to meet the highest expectations for custom painting services in an exclusive high-end residential or commercial market.

High-Quality Interior and Exterior House Painting


With years of experience in serving prominent homeowners with interior and exterior house painting services, we understand the unique requirements of the prestigious high-end market.

If you are searching for excellence in your upcoming house painting project, join our growing list of satisfied customers that demand a high-quality, cutting-edge finish and long-term performance.

We are proficient in high-end custom painting projects as well as top-quality carpentry repairs and home improvement projects such as, but not limited to:

  • Drywall repair
  • Removal of wallcoverings and popcorn ceiling materials
  • Siding replacement
  • Deck staining
  • Interior and exterior molding repair and replacement
  • Replacement of exterior rotted wood
  • Specialists in residential repaints of occupied homes

Call us for custom interior and exterior painting services for your exclusive private residence where meticulous attention to detail by our professional painters brings the perfect end result.

Professional Commercial Painting Services


The same high-quality standards for excellence that we provide for residential interior and exterior painting also apply to our commercial painting services.

We are known as the high-end professional commercial painting contractors in the area because of our commitment and dedication to:

  • Meticulous attention to preparation detail
  • Highest industry knowledge and standards
  • Handling any project size without disruption to employees and visitors
  • Use of highest quality premium paint products
  • Ensuring a flawlessly beautiful end-product
  • Working seamlessly with clients from start to finish to ensure complete satisfaction

From upscale commercial buildings and corporate offices to luxury condominiums and beautiful high-rise apartments, we are a preferred painting contractor serving architects, business owners and general contractors in the area.

Call Whitaker Painting for professional painters that are masters of the art of high-end interior and exterior commercial structure transformations. ( 425) 830-5738