Owner of Whitaker Painting, Joel also works alongside his journeymen painters. His early painting career was at his dad's auto body shop. Switching from cars to houses, Joel worked under a master craftsman painter, and was quickly promoted to a lead role. In 2000, Joel started Whitaker Painting. Joel's grandma wrote down a list of some 30 painters in his family's history. She often told the story of growing up with gray walls because her father would mix all the leftover paint together. "At least it's clean," Joel's great-grandfather would say. Joel continues the legacy. In his spare time, Joel coaches club volleyball and plays competitive beach and indoor volleyball.


Joel's brother, Dan, has been painting for over 20 years, and also started his career at dad's auto body shop. Just about anything that requires working with one's hands, Dan can do. Dan's prep work is flawless. You won't meet anyone better with a circular sander. In his spare time, Dan is usually restoring a custom hot rod.



Long-time employee and lead painter, John, is a journeymen painter of over 10 years. Highly skilled, and taking great pride in his work, John is one of the best painters we've seen. Joel and John often discuss best practices and techniques for specific projects. When you have a painter like John, who challenges you to be better, and truly cares about the end result, could you ask for anything more?