Professional Interior Painters Serving the Madrona Community


A new layer of paint is probably the best way to transform and revitalize the interiors of residential as well as commercial properties.Give Whitaker Painting LLC a call if you need professional interior painters in Madrona, WA to bring new life into your living space or work place.

We also provide interior painting service for new construction. Serving the community since 2000, we have become one of the most popular painting companies by consistently delivering top-notch services for all big and small interior paint jobs.

Our workforce is comprised of interior painters who have the ability to produce outstanding results, because of:

  • Great painting skills and experience
  • Full knowledge of surface prep
  • Professionalism and patience
  • The right tools

Additionally, our interior painters come to Madrona jobs with a sincere commitment to serving the customer to the best of their abilities.

Interior Painting for Madrona Residential & Commercial Property


The quality of interior paint job of any residential or commercial property goes a long way in:

  • Increasing its aesthetic appeal
  • Preserving its structural integrity
  • Boosting its resale value

When it time to paint or re-paint the interiors, you should have the best interior painting service that Madrona has to offer. Let our interior house painters or commercial painters provide the quality interior painting service you are looking for.

We offer comprehensive interior painting services, including helping you pick the right color palate to achieve to look you want. We also cover your furniture and furnishings to protect them and clean up thoroughly after the job is done.

Why Choose Our Interior Painting Service in Madrona?


Are you still wondering why you should choose our interior painting service in Madrona? Do you want to know exactly what sets us apart from the many other local painting contractors in the region?

Our distinguishing feature is QUALITY! We pride ourselves as one of the few local interior painters who embrace the latest innovations in the paint industry but also hold close the old-fashioned customer-centric approach.

Home and business owners who hire us for interior painting service can count on us to complete their job with the finest in:

  • Products and equipment
  • Techniques and workmanship
  • Customer service
  • Professionalism

Our competitive rates are another reason that makes our company an ideal choice for handling your interior paint job.

Call Whitaker Painting LLC if you need interior painters in Madrona who can be relied upon for fast, affordable and hassle-free services. We can be reached at ( 425) 830-5738.